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short for REMtard, or retard...also rem boy and remmy, u get the idea
"fuck off you rem" also "you're such a rem"
by PJ August 20, 2004
Psychedelic mushrooms are fungi that contain psychedelic substances, such as Psilocybin or Muscimol. The most common colloquial terms for psychedelic mushrooms are magic mushrooms, shrooms, mushies, boomers, caps, and cubies.
lets go do some mucky muck and trip the fuck out...
by pj August 29, 2006
PJ is the coolest there is i mean im "PJ" and i rock lol :P yep my name is PJ and dont diss me
townie:"dude your like so cool how do you do it????"
ME(PJ, goth):"Well for a start i have loads of friends"
townie:"can you help me become cool?"
Me:"piss off i have firends to see to girl friends to shag and people to beat up for my money back"
Townie:"ohh ok"
by PJ May 05, 2004
A dance invented by Kirsty
Do the fonk with me baby ;)
by PJ January 27, 2004
pj is gay. n'kay.
by pj April 28, 2003
The sound that you make when throwing your guts up.
buick,buick,... buuuick,buuuuuick,...
buick. ahh.
by pj January 10, 2005
The word basti started from two roomates in the costamesa area. The word orginally means to fuck a guy in the ass with a cigar.
I was in my room playing basti - parker erickson
by pj December 07, 2004

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