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1 definition by pizzamonsterdude

Historically, the most hated and oppressed humans on Earth. Viewed in a Jamal Wallace from Finding Forrester sort of way if educated. Viewed as non-black if able to achieve positive-iconic status. How paradoxical and mercurial the definition of the black person is...
Illustration of definition of black people according to non-blacks is exemplified in the following scene from "Do the Right Thing."

Spike: Who's your favorite basketball player?

Turturro: Magic Johnson.

Spike: Who's your favorite movie star?

Turturro: Eddie Murphy.

Spike: Who's your favorite rock star? Prince!

Turturro: Bruce. Bruce!

Spike: All you ever talk about is nigger this and nigga that, and all your favorite people are so-called niggas.

Turturro: They're different. Magic, Eddie, Prince, they're not niggas. I mean, they're not black. I mean, let me explain myself... they're not really black... I mean, they're black but not really, they're more than black... It's different.

Spike: It's different?

Turturro: Yeah, to me, it's different.

--> And that's the paradoxical nature of being a black person!
by pizzamonsterdude April 17, 2009