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Premier of Alberta. Debt-eliminator. Implementor of progressive policy leading to superior wealth creation opportunities for all Albertans.

Known in some quarters as King Ralph.
Thanks to Ralph Klein, Alberta is debt-free and unlike Saskatchewan, is also free of communism.
by pitz September 02, 2004
Order-in-Council. An order made by Her Majesty, on recommendation by cabinet in a parliamentiary democratic monarchy system of government.
An OC was issued authorizing a commission of inquiry with the following terms of reference.
by pitz June 09, 2004
Term referring to a member of the NDP (New Democratic Party) in Canada. An obvious reference to their philosophy of taking from the working, and giving to the lazy.
Lorne Calvert and his pack of dippers are raising taxes on working people again to increase welfare for the civil servants.
by pitz May 12, 2006
Province of Canada. One of the few places left in the world that is stuck in the quagmire known as communism. Ruled by a dictatorial klan known as the NDP. Economic wasteland. Contains more energy reserves than the entire middle east altogether.
Tommy Douglas was the former Premier of Saskatchewan.
by pitz August 26, 2004
Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition in Canada's House of Commons. Member of the Privy Council. Economist. Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Believes in equality for all Canadians. Believes that Canada deserves an accountable government.
Demand Better! Vote Conservative!
by pitz August 26, 2004

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