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the term actualy means small or insgnificant person, a verry old old english word. due to urbanization and the constant groth of the english language it genraly turnd into:

1. somthing old shit calls the new generation

2. another word for condom, rubber, dick bag ect.

3. this is a funny story: i go to one of those lame ass montessouri schools and i was going through the manual and found in the hazzerdes items was a fucking whipper snapper... i think they ment those bang snaps, poppers, ya know the things you through at the ground and they pop... fucking dumbass montessouri people...
1.old fag "come here you whipper snapper, i got a whole golden dollar for ya"
random kid " fuck off old man"

2. some old pimp "my whipper snapper wint fit...!?"

3. lameo "...and he threw a whipper snapper at me!!"
"... wow misses montessouri you gotta be really old for somone to be that scared of you...."
by piro-cun September 25, 2006

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