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he is one of the most down to earth artists right now, and almost anyone can relate to him.

First of all, people who say he's from a rich suburb of shaker heights, ur right, but shaker heights is NOT a rich suburb that raises doctors. It borders the actual city of cleveland and south shaker is known for gang violence. I would know, ive lived there. If you want to meet some rich white fags, cross the van aken tracks.. Even IF kid cudi was rich growing up, it wouldnt matter, he doesnt rap about gangster shit..
Person 1: that new Kid Cudi song with dan black called 'symphonies' is so amazing it keeps me from just giving up on life

Person 2: i feel u man, but hes from the burbs so he aint a real rapper

Person 1:.....shut the fuck up.......
by pinklemonadestand February 11, 2010

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