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Verb. The word originated from farmers who used the term to describe the pigs "wallering" in the mud or their own shit. Today it describes someone who is lying around lazily, doing nothing. When a person is completely worn out or hung over, they "waller" in bed or on the couch. To be slow, heavy, sleepy and/or unmotivated. Often occurs on the day following alcohol or substance abuse. May also be the result of over extending oneself during the workweek. All they can do is "waller" because they are too brain dead to do anything else.
I'll be "wallering" all day, recuperating from that rave last night.

I tend to "waller" on the weekend's, watching cartoons and pigging out.

He "wallered" in his own filth until his neighbors called the authorities because of the stench.
by pinkapples December 27, 2008

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