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Anime Freak is both:
-a website
-a fan of anime.
a lot of people say that fans of anime or manga are well....freaks....and yes, some of them are, once i saw this comment on a anime video and it was some really, really, really sad person arguing with someone (getting really aggressive) because someone claimed a character they are "going out with".
its really sad and embaressing for the rest of us who find anime interesting and arent obsessed with japan or manga(which i never read because i hate reading that sort of thing) and because of that crazy obessed stalker, everyone else is labelled.
a lot of my friends who do watch anime -including myself- only watch it because they remember it from their childhood (e.g. naruto which was played on cartoon network)
not all fans of anime are obsessive freaks...
friend: do you remember watching naruto when you were a kid?
friend 2: yeah, it used to be so cool:)
friend: anyway, wanna go to a party?
friend 2: sure thing

friend: OMGZ did you watch (anime name) last night?! (main character) was so hot!! if only he'd come to my house :33
friend 2: KAWAII! except you cant have him, he's MINE ^w^ he totally proposed to me and said he didnt love you or (leading female character) <3
friend: no way would that happen :@ i'll kill you with (powerful anime weapon)
friend 2: as if you'd do that :'( sometimes i think you're just like (evil anime person)
friend: :O:O:O
by pinapple11 March 05, 2011

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