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Oaklnd, California
aight ya'll I'm Finta go to the town...
by Pimptress December 17, 2003
Rap artist from East Oakland..102 and Walnut..
I liked Keak Da Sneak sense he was in 3xKrazy..And I got all this las t 3 cd's.
by Pimptress December 17, 2003
to act stupid, crazy, like you drunk or high.(going stupid)a dance in which you shake your dreds...
People at a party in East Oakland...Jerome, has his hair in dreds, hes Going Stupid by shaking his dreds...
by Pimptress December 17, 2003
A man's female
"My brezzy juss called, I got to go.."
by Pimptress December 28, 2003
A female perspective of a pimp. One that pull hard as ever and gets what she wants when she want it.
I'm Pimptress by Blood, Not Relation
by Pimptress March 12, 2003
Crazy, wrong, no point
"New car, hes burnin his rubber doing donuts" Thats Hypo."
by Pimptress December 17, 2003
slang for Pounding...making music loud...having sex with someone..
"Look at Jason, his shit is Poundin', I'ma get my knock soon.

Yea, I was poundin' Shameka last night.
by Pimptress December 17, 2003
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