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1 definition by pimpkie

a sexy and badass boy. light eyes, light skin and blond hair. really good at bed. atractive, handsome and with a beautiful smile. he is sometimes shy, a very cute boy who knows always what to say to make people feel comfortable. he loves music, and going to concerts. he also loves having fun and drink booze. he is hardworking, and good in languages. the dream of every girl is to have a Micha as boyfriend.
Sophie: Micha, I have a problem..
Micha: what's wrong sweetie?
Sophie: I have no idea about maths, and the exam is the next week..
Micha: oh don't worry! I can help you! You will pass it, trust me :)

(and then Micha gives her a hug ^^ )
by pimpkie June 15, 2011