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one (or more) mongooses who get thrown out in the streets at an early age and become street smart this can cause both good and evil, usually the latter and many of the young innocent mongooses become foul loathsome ones.
but we must not blame themselves but we must blame society for this injustice.
the street mongooses came down the lane

street mongooses enjoy pie
by pimpguy_666 July 14, 2004
A group of people who R so depressed they decide to write songs about it. In between sobbing uncontrollably about there rich lifestyles and what shirt to wear, they write songs about there pain. The songs usually involve some kind of sick strange darkness or how she left me with my heart bleeding droplets of blood in the shape of people dying painfully
The Sick strange darkness took my heart n mashed it 2 a pulp, from the remains came me and i was stepped upon by the girl i cared 4... im so sad whaaaaaa

fuck u emo bitches
by pimpguy_666 December 11, 2004

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