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A hard hitting rebel who plays by his own rules. A man of few words who don't take no crunk of nobody.
That Mr. Corleone is such a Maverick Renegade.
by Pimp-Master J May 04, 2006
Like an STD but electronic and for your computer. Something else that rapes my computer to no end. I really should consider getting a good anti-virus or firewall or some such shit.
My computer once again is not working because it is filled with many-a-fucking virus and my piece of shit Norton Anti-virus didn't work and got its bitch ass kicked and now my computer is fucked and it won't even turn on.
by Pimp-Master J June 01, 2006
A drug thats actually really good if you like being in somewhat of a coma drooling over yourself foe 8 hours straight like some people I know. It's the one that killed Heather Graham in Drug Store Cowboy.
I know someone who got hit by a taxi and busted his shoulder up so the doctor prescribed him 50 Delodid. When he came back for a check up a few days later, the doctor asked if he had been given anything for the pain. He said no and the doctor prescribed him another 50.
by Pimp-Master J May 04, 2006
A multi pleasure activity where a man recieves a rim-job while taking a piss.
1: Man, I was just taking a piss when this girl stuck her tongue up my arse.
2: Was it good?
1: It was damn good.
2: Reverse blumpty man, that's what I'm talking about.
by Pimp-Master J April 24, 2006
Something you should never, ever do. Seriously. Never.

Also the punch line in the first verse of the song 'Why mommy left us' By Steven Lynch.
There was once this guy, who I can't name, who is probably in prison this very second for doing exactly that.

"Daddy likes porno and 10 dollar whores. And daddy gets wasted and robs licker stores. And daddy likes rubbing against little boys on the bus. I think that's why mommy left us."
by Pimp-Master J May 09, 2006
Another word for cunt. Can be used on it's own or along with cunt.
Jim shit the fuck up you features.

Nobody likes that kid Paul, he's such a cunt-features.
by Pimp-Master J May 04, 2006
1: When the sitting apparatus (sometimes in a bus) get filthy and covered in splooge and the creamofsomeyoungguy as two people fuck like dirty little bitch felchers on them.

2: A pair of tits
1: Man, I meat some mad bus cunt the other day and we fucked like dirty little bitch felchers and made mad dirty seats.
2: Nice, what did the girl look like?
1: It was your mum you sick little cunt-features.
by Pimp-Master J May 12, 2006

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