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Commonly used to refer to poorly modified Hondas and/or other inmports.

The common characteristics are neon lights all over the vehicle including the rims, under the body, inside the car, and maybe even on the loser driving it. Another characteristic is an exhaust that sounds like a weed whacker.

The driver of the rice bucket usually thinks his car is tricked out to the max, but really all the peopel lookin at it are laughing not admiring.
Damn, check out that riced out piece of shit!
by Pimp Masta J December 18, 2004
Derived from the Word Boob, may be used in many ways. Usually as a positive trait.
1. "Damn shes Boobtastic!"

2. "This Shits Boobtastic!!"
by Pimp Masta J May 23, 2004
Commonly used to refer to riced out Hondas and/or other imports.

A ricer may be easily identified if the car has more lights then a christmas tree or sounds like a weed whacker
Damn check out that queer ass Rice Bucket, I wanna kick that little ricer boys ass!
by Pimp Masta J December 18, 2004
A term used to describe a rice bucket Honda or other riced out import.

May be easily identified by an exhaust sounding like a gas powered weed eater or chainsaw.
Damn, that riced out Honda sounds like a weed wahcker!

Man, check out that weed whacker!
by Pimp Masta J December 18, 2004
Derived from Shit, as in Holy Shit (OR simply ShitZor)I wanna park my tuck in her garage.

May also be negative.
"ShitZor!, Damn that nigglet is boobtastic"

"ShitZor I just got Capped by that nigglet"
by Pimp Masta J May 23, 2004
Anyone got a schnoggin?
by Pimp Masta J August 25, 2003
yo' bitch if she's a latina
shut up biznario
by pimp masta J April 23, 2003
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