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2 definitions by pigpilot

Any one of the Divine Languages, including painting, sculpting, music, theatre, dance, poetry, etc.
When we speak a divine language, we are able to say things that we couldn't say in normal conversation. That is art.
by pigpilot December 31, 2009
Unequivocally the best move in Madden. The player simply wiggles the analog stick a bit as a defender approaches, which causes the ballcarrier to quiver awkwardly. This in turn confuses the approaching defender, who panics, dives out of bounds, and leaves an open avenue to the end zone. Nearly always results in a touchdown.

Great for pissing your friends off.
Jake (on defense): Oh dude, I'm gonna hit stick you so hard!
Roy (offense): We'll see...
----Roy performs a user juke----
Jake: F-fuck! what happened!? You did some kind of weird jiggle thing!
Roy: User juke, bitch. Six points, Titans.
by pigpilot January 18, 2010