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A guy who slams multiple slam-pigs. These types of males have been rejected by so many attractive girls that they have given up on them. They now resort to sleeping with slutty, fat girls (slam-pigs) in order to get some. These males care more about sex than their pride, dignity or their penis's well-being. A pig-farmer is also a "pig-slammer", but the opposite is not necessarily true. If you sleep with a slam-pig just once, you have become a pig-slammer. To be considered a pig-farmer, you must have ventured into the pig-pen multiple times.
Dude, who is that new fat-nasty girl Luke is with? That's the third slam-pig I've seen him with this week. He's becoming a pig-farmer.
by pig-slammer for life June 03, 2009
A guy who slams slam-pigs. These types of guys can't get girlfriends so they go for easy meat: slam-pigs.
There goes Luke with another slam-pig. He's becoming a pig-slammer. We should set him up with Kristie Alley.
by pig-slammer for life June 03, 2009
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