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Person who frequent places such as Alldays, Yates, and Wetherspoons wearing tracksuit and burberry baseball caps worn at a jaunty angle. Also known as "10-to-2ers" - the reason being the position of their feet when instigating a fight, usually accompanied by shouts of "caaaaaaaaaaam on you caaaaaaaaaaant, da ya want some then" etc. with arms outstretched and hands in a beckoning action.
Wear gold sovereign jewellery from Argos or H Samuels.
Don't go down to the Co-Op this evening, it's complete pikeyville outside.
by pieman October 24, 2003
1 An xbox game belived to be the most anticipated game in the history of gaming.

2 Thought to be the most religous icon for geeks on xbox live
1 We waited 7 hours at the EB games for halo 2

2 "Wait, i havn't finished pollishing my halo 2 collecters edition!"
by pieman January 08, 2005
a hot girl with boobs the size of cocanuts, whom makes out with both boys and girls, and no matter what she does, she's still the hottest thing around.
"you're so slexy slex."
"slex's nipples are hard."
"even shoveling dirt, slex is hot."
by Pieman July 19, 2004
Says 'why aye' a lot. Wears T-shirts and shorts in middle of winter complaining about how hot it is.
by pieman April 09, 2003
Deffinatly one of the best bands, along with AFI and disturbed probablyy one of the most anti-political bands who boycotted taco bell.
i liostend to rage agianst the machine today and felt like thro ing my desk lamp throu the window at the white house
by pieman January 08, 2005
the title of a song, sung my a dancing bananna, this song involves strong lyricas and rude/sexual conteint.
when that little kid saw the bananna man dance, and cussing, he was scared for life
by pieman January 08, 2005
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