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The name of the tour bus that Mary was a groupie on from the Frank Zappa album Joe's Garage.
"Your the girl who was stuck to seat 32 on Phydeaux3"
-Father O'Reiley
by phydeaux3 December 19, 2007
Gray, short legged Munchkin cat that thinks it is a dog, lives in West/Central Pennsylvania, most commonly seen fetching thrown items and doing flips.
Look how short that cat is, it looks like an Oglethorpe.
Did you see that cat Oglethorpe that ball that he threw?
by phydeaux3 December 19, 2007
1. payday; the day when you pay this mother, and pay that mother.
Karl: Hey, want to catch the movie tonight?

Mike: I can't, man. It's mother's day. I gotta go pay my light bill before they shut it off.
by Phydeaux3 February 01, 2012

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