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Someones Hands, The hands of someone you don't like.
"Hey, get your shit hooks off my beers"
by Phucker January 14, 2007
Someone who jacks off too much
Barry needs to change his name to Dick Puller
by Phucker January 14, 2007
a Shit Covered Dick.
When you are having anal sex and you are going to cum and you pull out your shit covered dick and put in their mouth. They suck you off the rest of the way eating the the shit and cum.
"Last night I fed her the candybar"
"It was so dark she didn't even realize she was gonna eat the candy bar"
by Phucker January 14, 2007
1.)One who fucks the anus
2.)The act of anal sex
"Check out that dumper pumper action"
"Last night I gave her the ole dumper pumper"
by Phucker January 14, 2007
Doofy Meat pertains to a girls who at first glance is doofy, dorky, goofy, etc. But after a few minutes you find her attractive and you think to yourself "I would have a go at her".
Doofy Meat is a Fuckable Dorky, Goofy looking Chick.

Definition compliments of "The Chode Man"
Mike says "Did you meet Nicole"
John replies " Yeah, she's doofy meat".
by Phucker January 23, 2007
The duty or act of getting with the fat friend in the group of girls we are trying to have sex that night.
Taking one for the team
Sorry Bro, looks like your on heavy duty tonite.
by Phucker January 14, 2007
Track homes or buildings not yet finished, just the frames of the building.
Tonight were gonna party in the skeletons.
by Phucker January 14, 2007

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