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a common phrase used to mean "remember this" or "take note of what i'm about to say"

possibly used when predicting future events, thus putting across the opinion that you said it first, and therefore are an uber cool and respected person.

alternatively just used as a means of emphasising a point.
philip oddie will one day end world poverty once and for all. quote me.

i love philip oddie and his cool cats. quote me.
by phubbs July 08, 2009
a slang term for an individual who is made to feel humiliated or embarassed. the slightly less common female alternative for boyd, common talk among the younger generation.
Victoria: I would happily adopt heston.
Tristan: Bloody hell! Heston's my dog!
Phoebe: lol boyed victoria
Ed: actually phoebe, its spelt boyd, so you got boyd :)
Emma: actually, she got girld
Phoebe: allow that :|
by phubbs July 05, 2009
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