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Tell your boss your working from home but you actually do a bunch of personal stuff like online gaming with the other IT folks who are "working" from home.
Early morning email from associate to boss: "I will be working from home today so I can wait for an expected delivery."
by phreak June 14, 2004
Really loose and floppy beaf curtains soaked with mucus that makes a chicks gash look like a bulldog's face after it stuck its face in a jar of mayonnaise.
"I was gonna tap this chicks ass but when i saw the bulldog with mayo I figured I owe it to myself to pass this one by and wait for something a little less used."
by phreak June 14, 2004
A word used to describe somebody that is tripping the fuck out on horse tranquilisers.
"Oi mate, I think that Vos has gone completely Fazar!"
#fazar #vos #high #as #palfrey #on #a #summer #morning
by PhreaK August 13, 2012
Slamming a chick's vaginal opening with your big PP (or other large object). Involves sticking it in so far you stab her insides.
I played a game of snooker with my big 10 when I poked her ovaries.
by phreak May 25, 2004
A person who goes to a psionic website and wants to learn how to throw lightning bolts at the school bully

Dbzfan1111: OMGzorzz ! wantss t0 learn how to do kamaha!11!111!

Bobrobyn: STFU NOOB!
by Phreak November 22, 2004
Something or someone so mind numbingly pointless and shit that it makes your insides burn with anger and the desire to kill.
"This is a right muttwang"
"You really are a muttwang"
by phreak March 10, 2005
To search around for a piece of ass.
"Lookin po nub in all the wong pwaces..."
by phreak May 25, 2004
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