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a person who lives a rich and lavish lifestyle, but in fact really has no money or struggles financially.
Ken: sup jon, nice wallet you have there.
Jon: Yeah man, I just bought it at Gucci for $300, wanna pay for lunch?
Ken: Stop clownin' around you high clown, and act like a classy man since you asked me to lunch.

the hoodrats and fake ass g's you see in downtown going to H&M and Zara tryna b fresh when they actually live on welfare.
by phoreals August 04, 2011
When a "friend" decides to troll or duly express themselves several times within a short amount of time on Facebook, thereby appearing in consecutive posts.

This tends to raise ragemetere very fast when you're trying to creep on some hot wimminz.
Chester: There's a reason China doesn't have facebook..
Charles: What's the reason for this?
Chester: To avoid adding newsfeed pollution to their Intranets and causing strain for their filters.
Charles: Ingenious the Communists!

DatNigkaSoWavey: shieeeet... dem hoeS frOm dAt pArtY la$t wUzz blOwingG mA nEwsfeeD and polluttin it.
Broseph: I see my niqqa.
by phoreals August 18, 2011
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