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A combination of libertarian and retard. A word which mocks the libertarians as 'libtard' mocks the liberals.
"Hey look, it's the libertardians who think Ayn Rand is god and that capitalism is so wonderful that it should be implemented without any regulation whatsoever"
by phobos2011 December 30, 2009
The combination of drinking beer and eating pizza. The word is a portmanteau of the words 'beer' and 'pizza'
"We're having beerza tonight!"
by phobos2011 November 24, 2009
The combination of having pizza and playing the Wii. It is both words combined, as is the similar word beerza, which is the combination of drinking beer and eating pizza.
We're having wiiza tonight!
by phobos2011 July 06, 2010
A typical low-class Canadian who drinks lots of cheap beer and watches hockey, any hockey, be it OHL, NHL, AHL or a lousy international hockey tournament.
"That guy Alex is such a puckhead! He's watching the Spengler Cup!"
by phobos2011 July 01, 2011

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