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When after continuous drug use, a user feels like they're not high despite being heavily impaired, resulting in continued heavy drug dosing. Easily observed by the impairment, physical deterioration and continued dosing of the user.
Did you see Erika? She's so strung out, her cheekbones could cut glass. She had me over, 'cause she couldn't step away from her pipe for more than a few minutes.
by phishsandwich January 26, 2009
the last hit a user enjoys before trying to quit cold turkey
"Lucky last, mate, I'm going straight tomorrow"
by phishsandwich January 18, 2009
Any bud you find on the floor, usually in the vicinity around your smoking area.
"Dude, you've got one messy dealer. I'm finding floor bud all under your couch."

"FLOOR BUD!! It's okay, baby. You're home now." *smoke*
by phishsandwich February 09, 2009

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