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How Fucking Dare You.
Bro1: I deactivated the Netflix account, you'll have to get your own.
Bro2: HFDY
by philip brosman September 04, 2014
A giant burrito, accompined by a side of malicious butterfly blades
OH! i would love to have bubber in my mouth
by philip brosman January 14, 2005
The Coolest person on the weezer message boards
"Wow Bubber is so funny! I would die to meet him"

"Hey bubber! Teach me your ways of coolness and awesomeness!"
by philip brosman October 20, 2004
The second best person on ATW next to bubber
Wow, mu just slammed me royally

Hey Mu's a Girl!
by philip brosman October 20, 2004

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