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The female equivalent to the more male-associated words like pimp or player. An irresistable woman who chews and spits out men after using them for some sort of gain -- be it sexual, financial or psychological.
1.) "She completely blew me off after I told her I loved her and now she's going out with my best friend!"
"What did I tell you? The girl's a manipulative maneater."

2.) "Maneater -- make you work hard, make you spend hard, make you want all of her love."
- Nelly Furtado's "Maneater"
by phibroptik June 23, 2006
1.) {noun} Originating, as mentioned below, as a joke. The joke was then blown out of proportion and is now used as a derogatory term used to pigeonhole bands where the obligatory dress code is not camo pants, hoodie, and baseball cap that obscures vision.

Note the absence of a name that describes the music, and not the appearance.

Term is most often used by elitist, 'veritable hardcore kids' on forums flaunting their virility, whilst calling other 'pussy fags' for listening to music that they disapprove of.

Bands that have dealt with this label are, Eighteen Visions, Atreyu, Bleeding Through, Avenged Sevenfold, etc. In an interview with Outburn Issue #26, lead singer of 18V, James Hart clarifies for the masses:

Q: "What do you guys think of the term fashioncore being used to describe Eighteen Visions in the past?"

A: "It's retarded. Some kids started making shirts with that on there. It had nothing to do with us. Kids thought we were making that shirt. We're not fans of the term at all. How does the sound of your music have anything to do with the way you look? It doesn't."

2.) {adj.} Used to describe poorly misguided scenesters who hold their white studded belt in greater esteem than their highschool education. Often seen congregating with others of their kind, being as elitist as their adversaries (see above). In vernacular, also known as tool, or douchebag.

As is obvious with scene and the complete idiocy that surrounds music these days, physical presentation of a stereotype has become a higher priority than the music itself.

And essentially, isn't ALL music fashioncore? Look at the pop stars today, Scott Weiland of STP and Marilyn Manson. Isn't what they wear intended to be provocative and differ from the norm?

Yeah. That's what I thought.
1.) (noun; from actual forums) fashioncore is today's sucky music.

They are pussies that take away the name of cool hardcore bands tha shave their heads, get tattoos, and wear camo shorts!!!

2.) (adj; actual forums) No it's pseudometalcore bands that wear girl cut/designer jeans, have tight black t-shirts, dyed black hair that's messy and wear white studded belts with optional pink bandanas.
by phibroptik January 16, 2005
There is no 'scene'.

Scene is made-up wonderland where pretentious fucknuts boast their underground music cred while wasting money on quasi-vintage clothing when they could've used it to further their college education and done something useful with their lives.
See that kid, unwashed and trying to make up for his complete lack of personality with five pounds of eyeliner? That's fucking scene.
by phibroptik August 31, 2005
Commonly used as an acronym for a (m)arriage (o)f (c)onvenience. A marriage of convenience, as the name suggests, is not a love marriage but instead, arranged in order to gain proper credentials to reside in a certain country (visas) or to conceal the fact that one is gay/lesbian from their family. Because of this, MOC's are most commonly organized by South Asian gays and lesbians due to the traditional familial pressure to marry.
Girl 1: You know how it looks to the family, an unmarried Muslim girl in her late 20's. My parents say if I don't get married soon, they'll arrange one for me!

Girl 2: Why don't you just arrange an MOC with a gay guy?
by phibroptik August 11, 2006
Generally refers to a type of party that takes place at college -- a group of people move from house to house (or dorm to dorm) throughout the night. Each stop is known as a "hole", hence the golf metaphor.

This is usually done to avoid the breakup of the party either by the police or campus security for underage drinking, noise violations, etc.
"Hey man, are you coming to the golf party? The first hole is at David's house."
by phibroptik March 16, 2008
A "post hardcore/metal/rock" Texas-based quintet, made famous by winning the TV-show "Battle For Ozzfest", in which 8 bands competed for winning a place on Ozzfest's 2005 second stage.


Vocals - Bucky
Lead Guitar - Joey
Rhythm Guitar - Marc
Bass - Keith
Drums - Mike

Check out their music on PureVolume and their 2004 EP, "Rip The Stars Down".
A Dozen Furies is a band. Self explanatory.
by phibroptik January 15, 2005
An adjective used to desribe something that might be a stretch, that is, an overly indirect relationship. I.e. metaphysics, where relationships are extrapulated between mind and matter.
"Dude, that mushroom growing out on our front lawn is totally symbolic of the threat of nuclear war, you know, the mushroom cloud and stuff!"

"That seems a little meta to me dude."
by phibroptik May 24, 2005

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