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An alphabetism, the letters literally stand for "quick bowl before." The speaker may then add on a final letter representing the affair for which a quick pre-game bowl is required. In the event that the affair is another b word (as in breakfast or banquet), the final b is often dropped for aesthetic purposes.

Used as code in down low situations, when not wishing to alert less-conspicuous others to the potential chief session.

Often a proposition.

Never actually happens.
K-Dogg: Hey where's Fodel?
Manny: I don't know.. qbb?
by phibblewoof October 29, 2008
the innermost thoughts and dreams of a severely intoxicated person
"Aw, I can't hang out with a crowd that laughs at my rimbles..." -Rachel, to a group of her friends who are cracking up because nothing she says makes any damn sense
by phibblewoof October 29, 2008

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