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after a rough night, you may want to put on a tie to distract your colleagues/boss from noticing your true condition
clerk 1: look at Paul, great tie he is wearing today

clerk 2: nah, I bet it's a distraction tie (DT). he was already quite hammered when I left the pub at 10 last night
by phexxa March 30, 2010
when someone gets into the elevator after you and gets off before you, you have been elevatorshafted
I don't believe it, I have just been quadruple elevatorshafted on my way up to the office
by phexxa April 09, 2010
The ethical system of buying beers in rounds amongst friends.

Good Roundsmanship would see each individual involved in a round, buying drinks for their mates in a well-ordered and timely manner, so that no glass is ever empty and the hassle and cost of going to the bar is evenly shared among the participating boozers.
Zebediah: "wasn't it Adam's turn to get the next round of beers in?"

Ezekiel: "sure was, but he has shocking roundsmanship"
by phexxa April 09, 2010

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