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the female version of tea bagging; when a woman drops her v-lips on your face
I felt so bad when I found out that Jenny taco dropped me last night.
by phenompyrus May 21, 2005
a very large and very hairy vagina, usually found on very big girls that are ugly as sin
damn bitch you are huge! i bet you have a bear clit.
by phenompyrus April 20, 2004
the snow white liquid that oozes out of your throbbing manhood when eating something that tastes incredible.
This steak is so good, I want to cover it with my alfredo.
by phenompyrus May 29, 2005
when you lick your fingers and stick them into the anus; wet willy of the ass crack
Dre pulled a willy-womp-womp on his girl the other night, and she loved it!
by phenompyrus June 03, 2005
the piece of skin that connects the shroom buttcheeks to the shaft of the penis
I cut my skinbridge yesterday and it really hurt.
by phenompyrus April 20, 2004
a girl with hairy arms and huge knockers that you cannot resist looking, even though she may be an ass troll
Damn girl, you are really a sasquatch sally.
by phenompyrus June 03, 2005
one who enjoys eating the lint out of Mexican peoples bellybuttons
Wow, you really need help you larryode!
by phenompyrus December 08, 2004

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