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A way for a Juggalo/ette to say "fuck off" to ICP haters.

Another way to be classified as a dumb ass by an English teacher not knowing how to pronounce "fuck off" properly.

The only excused way for a British person to pronounce "fuck off" without being classified as a dumb ass.

A way to tell your mother to "fuck off" without getting slapped on the face when shes not minding her own damn business.
Jose: "i wanna eat yo puh-lette IT style baby...lets fuck."

Nat: "FUKOOF!"
by phatnatnigga February 07, 2010
its what i am.
i am the shit.
by phatnatnigga December 21, 2009
when your head feels numb and fuzzy inside while being high as fuck. you dont even realize what the fuck is going on around you cause your head feels like your brain has been plugged off. what you hear might not be what they really said.

prone to act like a dumb ass. but who cares... :-)
Rick- "yo i got the munchies, im going to 7 11, ya want anything?"

John- "word. i want Munchies chips and get me a Natty beer."

Natty- "what? huh?...i never fucked John...who you fuckin??"

by phatnatnigga February 06, 2010

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