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Getting road head while busting a three wheel motion in a lowrider.

Recieving oral sex while your Driving your lowrider on three wheels. Usually while making turns at City intersections.
She gave me a "Trice-wheel-o-tops" through the intersection yesterday.
by Phatalaskan December 22, 2009
A movie scene where an important plot photo or written document is flashed up close for a few seconds in a film. One must rewind and pause to read exspecially if drunkin or stoned.
There are five CIA operatives we are hunting notice the one in the russian field jacket "camera shows "the pauser" close up of a photo for 3 seconds" that is your first target. His name is Sam a resturante owner located in Anchorage, you have 27 hours make it look like a cooking accident.
by phatalaskan March 17, 2012

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