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Those with severe lack of a jaw-line and neck. A condition where the bottom of the face siphons into the body seamlessly.

Typically a pudgy half-man, the more arrogant of the breed try to disguise with a thin (often near invisible) beard line to simulate an actual jaw.
"Did you hear the funnel faced kid died? I heard it was because the centrifugal force of the load he sucked from the teacher was like a semen bullet that blew through the bottom of his stomach."
by phantompoop06 February 16, 2010
The maneuver used to socially engineer the person sandbagging you. Having the mind set you're supposed to be doing what you're not allowed to do, and convincing others the same. Getting what you want using the art of dumb deception
The Alcatraz prisoner was apprehended by a guard while trying to escape. He handed the guard a blank piece of paper that said "I'm supposed to be leaving jail" and walked out a free man. The guard hadn't recognized the classic Franciscian slip.
by phantompoop06 February 16, 2010

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