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Humourous response to any question where a noun or noun-phrase is expected.

See also: Yer mum
Q: What time is it?
A: Your mum.

Q: Under which of the true sciences should philosophy be classified?
A: Your mum.

by phantom oddity January 09, 2004
The Welsh-language word for the country of Wales.

Variants: Gymru, Nghymru.
The celtic names for Cornwall, Wales, Ireland and Scotland were Cerniw, Cymru, Eire and Alba.
by phantom oddity October 05, 2004
1. n. A duplicate
(rarely) v. To duplicate something

2. To deliberately confuse or scam someone
1. n.: There are too many dupes on UD.
* v.: The idiot was bored so he duped someone else's definition and added some offensive words.

2. The idiot was easily duped out of his cash.
by phantom oddity October 08, 2004
Pre-Menstrual Tension. A hormono-psychological disturbance that affects (to some degree or another) anyone in proximity to someone in, or experiencing the main phase of, a menstruation cycle.
See also: PMS
by phantom oddity May 20, 2004
Used as a confirmative, denoting the non-impossibility or existence of something somebody said "no way" to.
Daphne: I'm pregnant!
Fred: No way!
Daphne: Yes way!
by phantom oddity January 15, 2004
(adj.) Used to describe the atmosphere when humidity is high relative to temperature. Nights after humid days tend to be muggy.
The muggy air made even the lightest of sheets awkward to sleep under.
by phantom oddity May 28, 2004
The best or highest valued ability of a person. Mostly used in a negative sense to emphasise that someone is not good at a particular activity.

The phrase derives from card games where suits are considered to have different values.
Daphne: Wanna go dance?
Fred: Dancing isn't my strong suit. How about we go bowling instead?
by phantom oddity June 22, 2004
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