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1. Hater capital of North America. Second only to Iraq. The place where Dr. Martin Luther King was shot, but Elvis made a god.
2. Nearly everyone is a fat, loud, ignorant, racist, broke and irritating, self-riteous fake religious, bible thumping dipshit.
3. Produces shitty music compared to the music it used to in the past. Mostly terrible hip hop, and even worse punk rock, and even worse blues.
4. Education? What education. Easier for kids to sell crack for their mom and dreams of being a pimp.
5. Too easy to get cracked out and stay that way. The only place where people from surrounding states can collect welfare and food stamps to pay the car note.
6. All of the politicians there are dumbasses. Political issues- the statue in Forrest Park, what to do with the Pyramid, keeping Libertyland open, an easier way to get barbecue sauce out of a silk shirt.
7. Beale Street. Great place to party Thursday-Sunday. If it's not raining. Or no one got shot.
8. Mosquitoes. Church after church.
9. The place that I was forced to live by my parents.
10.The place that I'll be moving back to now that I've got my gun license.
Memphis. Just Memphis, man.
by phanomymous April 04, 2006

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