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An awesome sequel to the Phantom of the opera, music composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

The story is set 10 years later on Coney Island, America. It continues on from Christine marrying Raoul. Love Never Dies is a very romantic sequel, with breathtaking music, and different styles added to it.
Person 1: "Did you see Love Never Dies?"

Person 2: "Oh my god, of course I have."
Person 1: "And the ending?"
Person 2: "I cry every single time I see it."

Me: "I can't stop watching it..."
by Phan December 19, 2012
of or relating to something, or someone "fresh"
fresh being defind as: new or cool, or amsomely pimpadelic.
dimz yo, that gold chain is def freshalistic
by phan March 28, 2005
of or realting to something or someone "fresh"
fresh meaning tight, new or awesomely pimpadelic
"dimz yo, that gold chain is hella freshalistic"
by phan March 28, 2005

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