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1. Lamer speak for "anyone"
2. Common IRC phrase heard on leech channels
ne1 no if RAZOR 1911 still exists? /msg me plz kthnx
by phaeton March 13, 2003
1. A derivative of bobo, most commonly used when one wants to act black, adding the conjuction "izz".
That chick is plain bizzbo, yo
by phaeton March 13, 2003
A word meaning one enjoys sexual contact with the opposite sex
Jesus tap dancing christ, that guy is such a queermofag
by phaeton March 13, 2003
A shorthand for the derogitory word, bafoon. Usually said when one wants to look cool.
1. *look at person who said/did something dumb* what a foon
by phaeton March 13, 2003
1) One who goes against a group of people he originally had loyalty towards.
Josh Vest is a traitor!
by phaeton March 19, 2003

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