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physical contact with one's testicles by one's own or another's appendage, typically the hand. In certain contexts the appendage doing the touching could be represented by an elbow, a knee, a foot or even a fist. A "bare", "hairy" or "cracked" poconut implies skin on skin contact, while a "poconut on the tree" or "poconut with leaves" indicates indirect contact as when an intervening article of clothing or fabric shields the target testicle(s) from otherwise receiving a direct physical contact (si.e. kin on skin) from the touching appendage.
1. Joe: That TSA guy was a little bit too friendly. He gave me a couple of poconuts.

Bob: Oh man, were they hairy?

Joe: Nah, they were on the tree and still had leaves, but I think he would've cracked one open if I had gone to the private screening area with him.

2. Ken had a date with Barbie last night. I knew she liked candy and all, but apparently she played the Easter Bunny and gave him some serious poconut belly jean action.
by phaeidaeux February 07, 2013
ejaculating at the point of deepest penetration
At first, she was like, is that all you got???? ...until I deposited one in the centerfield bleachers.
by phaeidaeux May 20, 2012
An outdoor swimming pool, typically found at popular apartment complexes in college towns, on a hot and sunny summer weekend or Holiday; add beer and simmer 6 hours until the liquid marinade reaches a temperature of 86-90 degrees and takes on a slightly cloudy color.
There's some hot Peep Stew down at the pool but I'm not sure if there are any chairs left.
by phaeidaeux May 31, 2011

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