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What people think of when they hear prep-
snobby person who wears exclusively Coach, abercrombie and fitch, and hollister. Applies lipgloss 3253 tpms (times per millisecond) Snubs goths, losers, and emos. Sluts who wear mini skirts all the time.

What a true prep is.
well-educated, fairly affluent young people who are known for their neat, traditional, often expensive clothing style. Wears Polo, Lacoste, J.Crew, Lilly, DKNY, and Juicy Couture. A prep doesn't wear much makeup. A prep is rich because of money inherited from a long line of wealth. Watch Laguna beach and see true preps. Preps don't snub goths, losers, or emos. Preps just stick to their own group and have their own world.
fake preps
Leslie: Liiiiiike omggggg I loooov your Abercrombie and Fitch shirt!!!!!
Brenda: Liiiike omggggg I love yourrsss toooo!!!!
Leslie: eeeeee!!!!!
Brenda: eeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!
Leslie: Liiiike I need more makeup!!!
Brenda: *applying lipgloss*

True preps
Jayme: Hey Karen what's up!
Karen: Hey Jayme-I haven't seen you forever, you know what? We should go play tennis today.
Jayme: Ok-hey what do you think of Yale so far?
Karen: It's hard but I really want to get a good grade this semester, so I'm studying hard.
Jayme: Yeah me too-are you going to the yacht party this weekend?
Karen: Yeah, yesterday I bought a new lilly dress-I'll wear that.
Jayme: Ok-let's go play tennis
Karen: Ok
Punk emo: Hey ladies....
Karen: Hi
Punk emo: Care to join me and my friends on a party at Frank's bar today?
Jayme: Sorry-we're busy, and I don't go to bars anyways
Punk emo: really?
Karen: Yeah
Punk emo: *leaves:
Karen: Jayme, let's play.
Jayme: picks up tennis racket and plays tennis with Karen
by ph0ebe November 17, 2006

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