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also, those tools who moderate online message boards.
Mods suck.
by pfft, your mom September 02, 2003
Round the clock toolville AIM chat where 14 year olds converge to talk about how much 50cent sucks, and Good Charlotte is so much better.

Also may include a message board with daily posings of goatse
Kit Fist0 Ima Tool: Is there a chat going on?
YoSoyUnHomo-Ghey: Invite yourself, JC Chat.
by pfft, your mom September 02, 2003
The gheyest place on the internet.

Designed by the J*sh to hold back the open-minded and free willed, and created for tools to post about their dog dying, and provide links to their terribly drama filled live journals.
And J*sh created the JC, and he saw that it was good. J*sh 7:3
by pfft, your mom September 02, 2003
Combination of the words homo, and gay. Made up by some hella tight fools as a substitute for tool.
1. Those homo-gheys at the JC banned me again.
2. Gtfo, you homo-ghey.
by pfft, your mom September 02, 2003
A word that takes a certain taste to enjoy, like Paris Hilton. Usually only used by Nor Cal natives, or SoCal homo-gheys.
That mofo was talkin for hella days, I was like "Cracka please.", and he was all "That bitch is hella ghey."
by pfft, your mom September 02, 2003
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