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2 definitions by pfenech

verb. also: domP. describes the process of drinking huge amounts of champagne dom pérignon.
a: man, i have got such an hangover from all that booze last night.
b: bad luck, i sticked to the champagne and domped me through.
by pfenech May 13, 2008
acronym, also used as interjection, standing for:

there ain't no such thing as a champagne hangover

usually used, when people brag about their champagne consumption, esp. after they drunk large amounts of champagne for free. see also: domp
a: man, I've got such a hangover from last nigh's champagne galore, i really did domp me through

b: tanstaach!

a: wtf?

c: there ain't no such thing as a champagne hangover!
by pfenech October 02, 2009