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An individual who usually lives in a housing trust neighbourhood (see ghetto) who loves wearing flannel shirts, tight faded jeans, tracksuits (usually FUBU, EMINEM, etc branded). Usually has a pack of smokes stucked under the shoudler of their knitted jumper/wifebeater, and one behind the ear for 'ron. Commonly spotted at shopping malls and fast food outlets and especially Centrelink (see social security) which is their sole source of income with the exception of drug dealing/manufacture/growing/selling stolen goods.

Known to swear a lot and are frequently found not wearing shoes, much like their offspring who are usually dirty looking with snot running from their noses.
"What the fuck are you looking at cunt?" said the feral female with no shoes with a major muffin top over her 4 sizes too small mini skirt and no bra.

"Nothing" replied the man walking by and minding his business.

"Well do ya wanna root? If I have another kid I can start me own footy team and Centrelink will fund it!" Asks the feral skank who can be smelled from 20 metres away.

"No thanks. I'd rather have sex with a garden mulcher. It's much safer than your diseased, stinky pussy" Replies the man about to be robbed by the group of male ferrals waiting for him around the corner.
by pezman May 15, 2007

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