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When your somewhere and there is only males.
Dude 1: Hey man whats up with that party? Is there any hot babes?

Dude 2: No man just dick as far as the eye can see.
by peteypablo204 January 06, 2010
When you can see a mans hammer through his pants, same as cameltoe only the man version.
Holy shit look at that dudes hammertoe!!!!!
by peteypablo204 December 03, 2009
a blend of 50% vinegar, 50% water that women use to douche themselves.
"helen could you mix me some douchejuice? i love the way you brew that shit"
by peteypablo204 December 04, 2009
An animal, With a steady diet of liquor and other substances.
Guy 1: Wheres Party Pete?

Guy 2: I dunno, but i bet hes going hard.
by peteypablo204 February 19, 2010
having a boner
"hey man that chick is totally getting me poppin solid"
by peteypablo204 December 06, 2009
The town where turds dwell, (in your ass)
"I'm gonna park the beef bus in turd town". (i am going to make intercourse with your anus)
by peteypablo204 December 05, 2009
When your going out on the town and you know its gonna be a shit show.
"Fuck man we sure are gonna paint the town brown tonight".
by peteypablo204 December 04, 2009
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