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The place to go to experience the end of a once budding counterculture. Burning Man is now (2010) a mere looking-glass reflection: a kind of mirror image of a once great Wonderland of creativity, inspiration, construction, destruction, and random acts of silliness among other wild things.

Sadly enough, Alice was long ago murdered and replaced by a not-so-sweet smelling character named, Crimson Rose. In fact, the entire character list of the original Wonderland was gagged, beaten then tossed into San Francisco Bay by a faceless, soulless corporate entity known as the LLC, or BMorg, or more accurately; The Borg.

In typical Borg fashion, the once thriving counterculture of Burning Man was assimilated into the Borg's vision of the ways things should be: A particularly foul tasting shit-sandwich filled of rules and restrictions over individual expression, among other distasteful side dishes covered in special Borg shit-sauce.

And the citizens of Black Rock City cried out: "We'll take second helpings of all your shit, oh Borg!". And the Borg was pleased.
Daughter: Mommy, did anyone say 'stop' to the Borg while it was killing Burning Man?
Mother: Yes, Dear. Some people did, but they were silenced.
Daughter: I don't like this place, Mommy.
Mother: Shut up or Daddy won't get a DPW T-shirt this year, Dear.
by peters2000 January 12, 2010
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