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something that is so wickedly awesomely amazingly cool to the 100th power that it can not be described be either spiffy or nifty alone.
Pandy's P!ATD hoodie is insanely spifty.
by peterick_x_core December 30, 2006
A short, awesome girl who is insanely smart. She is flippin' hilarious. She loves her friends to death even though they're beyond strange. She rocks like the golgi apparatus. Music is her life. She has insane dancing skills. Pandy is best friends of Peterick
Peterick: Pandy rocks like the golgi apparatus. Too bad she isn't as hardcore as microtubules.
Pandy: You're just jealous 'cause I'm spifty.
Peterick: True. Very True.
*Pandy and Peterick laugh really hard*
by peterick_x_core December 30, 2006
An amazing girl who is out of the ordinary. Peterick is really cool, but she is a huge loser. This just adds to how amazing she is. She is completely obsessed with Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, The Academy Is, My Chemical Romance, Harry Potter, and Star Wars. She is insanely hilarious. Music is pretty much her life. Peterick is also best friends with Pandy.
*Peterick snorts while laughing*
Pandy: Peterick! Stop snorting while you laugh. There are hot guys staring at us!
*Peterick proceeds to laugh and snort louder*
by peterick_x_core December 30, 2006

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