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Occurs when your testicles smack together when running down the stairs in gym shorts
dude i was so embarassed today i had some major nut flapping going on when i was running down the stairs
by peterbattista November 01, 2006
1.A Female organ, usually greasy like a box of KFC chicken, also smells like its been passed around the block with out being cleansed, in some situations the faheeha becomes moldy and crusted over and may require immidiate emergency care. The faheena may also have cobwebs and have foul odor of feces also see stinky faheena.
2. Faheena can also be used as a cover up last name when prank calling someone whos last name is FAGINA (pronounced vagina)...They may get offended and try saying there last name is Faheena...

Aaron- dude I almost had sex with freds mom last night
Peter- no way man...I heard she had a stinky faheena
Aaron- dude good thing I kept the light on, if i didnt see the crust i might have dirtied my manheena.
by peterbattista October 31, 2006
1. A word that is used to describe a negros greasy oiled hair
2. African American hair which can cause one to slip on the floor like a banana peel. when you come accros coon grease please place a caution greasy floor sign up on the floor so your fellow caucasians dont break they self!
Wow if we rang all the coon grease out of your hair we could wax madd cars! damn!!!!

ron: damn i just slipped on a banana peel
don: nah dude that was shaquams coon grease from after he did that hand stand!
by peterbattista October 31, 2006
the worst of all heena's...sometimes causes difficulty breathing, headaches, vomitting and in some cases death
aaron: dude rons mom died last night
peter: how?
aaron: her stinky faheena blew up after she got the clap
by peterbattista November 03, 2006
1. A mans faheena
2. A male sex organ which is purposly uncleansed to secrete sweat to ones testes, the space between the mans testes and penis, and the gooch, for duck butter, and gooch greasing others. May also be caused from having unprotected sex with a female (or male if your name is dave) or encounters with the stinky faheena
dude i greased my manheena for 3 days straight after playing football, running track, tennis, and basketball, then went to mcdonalds with jon and put some really thick duckbutter on his sandwich...it was so greasy he could taste it!
by peterbattista November 01, 2006
the practice of heena. either faheena, or manheena...
dude i went to church last night...the priest told us about heena-ism
by peterbattista November 03, 2006

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