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a mental disorder which sets in during late teens to early adulthood in which the afflicted experiences delusionary imaginings or sensory hallucinations (hearing voices etc) in acute cases. Common medication for schizophrenics is risperdal, dosage depending on severity of condition. With the support of family and friends, a schizo can live a normal life. But he must seek treatment. Most schizos refuse to seek treatment and, coupled with paranoia their denial and suspicion that medical treament is an attempt to attack their character/standing as normal person further aggravates their condition. Like diabetes, there is no cure for schizophrenia. Its effects can be reduced/tempered, but never completely eradicated. Strong hereditary/gene trends.
I only knew i suffered from schizophrenia when i was well into my late 20s. And i resisted treatment initially thinking that it was a conspiracy to do me in. Now i am on medication and things are better, but it comes and goes. But at least now i know what it is when i feel that way.
by peter cushing February 07, 2007
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