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1) giving and receiving consideration throughout a conversation;

2) a process of proactivity... not against... "for" each other winning.

3) having self-less intentionality that forwards a dialogue exercised by two or more peeps"for" each other having power and comfy free expression.

4) workability
a) today amy 'n i had a fab fave proversation.
we tote support each other :))

b) i pray that peeps, espesh politicians can learn the benefits of proversations.
by peter a r December 10, 2006
quick, playful 'n cute expression of humor.
oh yea, i'm a tote tease. t'hee ;))
by peter a r December 10, 2006
fun 'n plaful phonetic version of "thanks".
1) shanx for ur message; appreesh :))

2) shanx a shillion shilling
by peter a r December 10, 2006
1) not really of or pertaining to meaning; a phonetic expression of the sound the teeth 'n tongue make.

2) can be applied anytime for any chat; a playful pause and/or interjection
1) ah! tz, sure let's go.

2)tz, heh :))
by peter a r December 10, 2006

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