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3 definitions by peteneon

When you finish an exam early, but still have ages to wait until it ends. With nothing to pass the time, your mind wanders to porn/ the hot girl in front of you and you get and embarrassing erection.
Guy 1: oh dude, that exam was so long!
Guy 2: I know, I was so bored
Guy 1: hey, weren't you behind that girl Jessica?
Guy 2: yeah, I got a massive exam boner
Guy 1: wow, embarrassing!
by peteneon December 03, 2009
20 3
A colloquial and rarely used word, meaning any kind of money

Originally named after an English £50 note, which is red
Hey, gimme those reddies!

I did a hard days work, and earned plenty of reddies
by peteneon March 18, 2010
10 3
Cea (pronounced key, not see) is a beverage consisting of both coffee and tea. It differs from toffee in that it is brewed with coffee in the bottom half of the cup, and tea in the top half, rather than the other way around.
Waiter: Can I get you something to drink sir?
Customer: Yes please, I'll have a cea
Waiter: Sorry sir, we don't serve keys here, can i get you something else?
Customer: Not key you fool, cea, coffee with tea!
Waiter: Oh, you mean toffee!
Customer: No, I'd like cea if thats alright
by peteneon August 24, 2010
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