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Eastern Iran, Northern Iraq, Western Syria, Southern Turkey and parts of Armenia. Was intended to be a nation in the 1920 treaty of Serves, but then European powers, urged by the sadistic Turks, Arabs, and Iranians, refused to make it a country.
Much debate comes from this region, mainly from the Kurds desire to claim their basic human rights to live with dignity and have a freedom of speech-which has been denied to them in each of the aforementioned countries. Many deny the rights or the existance of a Kurdish State, however they are the largest ethnic group without their own state.
AttaTurk (AKA Attafuck), Saddam Hussein, and the Syrian government have tried to exterminate the Kurds, but non of their attempts have been succesful or ever will be, biji kurdistan, bimrin konadar.
by peshmargam April 20, 2011

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