79 definitions by person yo-yo

a guy on this site who sucks shit 'cuz he's a sexist asshole.
by person yo-yo July 24, 2003
Unformal reference to a person.
What-up, G-money?
by person yo-yo June 30, 2003
See also:the legend of dragoon(best game ever!).
Let's play a good video game like "the legend of dragoon"!
by person yo-yo June 29, 2003
Errrrm....I dunno.
You looked up: look up: looki up: look up:.
by person yo-yo July 24, 2003
Street slang for rum.
Yeah! Pound that OJ back!
by person yo-yo May 30, 2005
The bastard who's trying to capture Las
Joe is the leprechaun commander!
by person yo-yo October 04, 2003
A funny show.
Not funny anymore.
by person yo-yo August 02, 2003

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