2 definitions by perfectparadigm

When I woman has such a nice ass that you want to ejaculate on it.
"That girl's got a jizz ass! I hope I can get with her so I can bust a phat nut on that badunkadunk!"

Coworker 1: Damn, that new girl, Maya, has an amazing body!

Coworker 2: "Hell yeah! She has a jizz ass! Maybe she and I will hook up so I can skeet on that booty!
by perfectparadigm January 12, 2010
Phrase used to tell someone to stop being overly sensitive. As in having a "hooded clitoris", which reduces the stimulation and overall sensitivity of the clitoris. By "putting a hood on it", an individual would thereby have reduced sensitivity and stop being so emotional about various situations.
Girl 1: Last night my boyfriend and I watched "It's a Wonderful Life", and he kept crying throughout the movie.

Girl 2: Damn, your man needs to put a hood on it and stop being such a little bitch.
by perfectparadigm January 01, 2010

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