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When a couple is doing a sixty-nine and the man squeezes his legs together tightly and forces a lumpy dump through the front of his legs and it pushes past your balls into the face of the chick.
Girl thinking: I think I'm gonna make him cum.
Guy Squeezes
Guy:It's the chili dog surprise!

Then he yells "SURPRISE"
by penh June 06, 2009
this is when you are doing the chili dog surprise and the fork in the road at the same time, this will in turn climb up the womans jaw line giving the effect of having a beard.
Oh man, I was with this chick last night and i was giving her the chili dog surprise and she liked it so much she kept her head down and she looked like the bearded lady.
by penh June 07, 2009
the action of pulling your penis between your legs while sitting on a hard surface and defacating so as the log is pushed upward between your legs and is parted by the penis. Leaving a fork in the road.
Two is better than one, so how about a fork in the road.
by penh June 06, 2009

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